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The Power of Compliments - blog post image

The Power of Compliments

No doubt you would have heard of ‘bucket fillers’? You know, when you compliment somebody. Their ‘bucke...

Technology in the Classroom - blog post image

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is everywhere. Almost everything that we do in daily life – paying bills, making bookings, ordering thin...

Don't Stop the Music - blog post image

Don't Stop the Music

You might have seen ‘Don’t Stop the Music’, a three-part documentary series which aired recently on ABC TV. In it, musica...

Developing healthy friendships - blog post image

Developing healthy friendships

It’s all too common: your child comes home in tears. The kid they thought was their friend talked behind t...

2018 MajorMorphosis Exhibition - blog post image

2018 MajorMorphosis Exhibition

“I just want them to do their best” parents and teachers often say about a child or student. Fo...

Life after Graduation - blog post image

Life after Graduation

For thirteen years, students look forward to one key moment: the day they finish school. They anticipate that final week ...

Latest research on gifted education - blog post image

Latest research on gifted education

A great deal of research exists on the topic of gifted children and learning, and much of it is contradictory. ‘Gif...

Is there beauty in Mathematics? - blog post image

Is there beauty in Mathematics?

Mathematics as a subject has often been given a bad rap. In a world where even the word ‘mathematics’ causes ...

Is there a place for rote learning? - blog post image

Is there a place for rote learning?

Anyone over the age of 60 can still recite lists of things they memorised at school. Latin verb conjugations, perhaps, or...

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